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Here at Trojan Investigations, we are proud to be your local Private Investigators offering our services in Stockport, and the surrounding area. We are NOT part of a national chain, therefore really giving you that personal touch. We pride ourselves with our professionalism and cost-effective solutions to any enquiry we receive.

Our expert Stockport private investigation team have vast experience in investigations and surveillance from the Police, Military and the Security Services giving you peace of mind that when you are dealing with us, you are in safe hands. We use the latest technology from cameras to vehicle tracking devices to give you the best, cost effective results.

About Trojan Investigations

Trojan Investigations is a local private investigation and surveillance company that can be trusted. We pride ourselves with our professionalism and cost-effective solutions, helping both domestic and commercial clients.

We have amassed over 25 years of Policing experience with the majority of which being in covert roles. Our operators and investigators are trained to the highest levels to provide you with optimum results.

Our private investigators have also been awarded several commendations within the Police service for their skills in investigating serious crime and their professionalism and sensitivity whilst communicating with members of the public during their most traumatic times of their lives. We really have seen it all and done it all in the investigation field, so whatever situation you find yourself in, we will treat you with the upmost integrity.

We have agents nationwide covering all the major UK cities.

Whatever your circumstance, Trojan Investigations have a local, approachable investigator ready to help you. We have a private and corporate client base and are results driven.

Our Stockport Private Investigator Services

We have both male and female investigators and surveillance operatives in Stockport, all of whom are members of the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) which means we are totally discreet and completely confidential adhering to all GDPR guidelines.

Whatever your circumstance, Trojan Investigations have a local, approachable Stockport investigator ready to help you. We have a private and corporate client base and are results driven.

Please contact us for a FREE, friendly, no obligation discussion.



Matrimonial, Private and Commercial Surveillance Services

All of our operatives have received specialist training and are experienced in conducting covert operations and gathering footage/audio evidence legally to the highest quality. During surveillance operations, our clients are constantly updated, and we are open to changing objectives dynamically should any situation change.

The types of surveillance we conduct are: –

  • Domestic/Matrimonial disputes such as extra marital affairs, substance misuse and child custody issues.
  • Insurance Investigations, for example fraudulent claims
  • Employee monitoring such as moonlighting, and any other surveillance requested on employees/directors.

Any evidence we gather will be presented to a standard required by the legal industry.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Watch the location of your target from the comfort of your own home

We use the best GPS vehicle trackers on the market. Our trackers are deployed on any vehicle where you can monitor its location 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home with the use of an app on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Vehicle tracking can also be used with physical surveillance so evidence can be gathered on the activities of the vehicle’s occupants.

This app can provide you with a detailed route in which the target vehicle has taken through the day which is all date and timed. When you have collated your evidence, we simply remove the device from the vehicle leaving you to disseminate the tracker information to whoever you wish.



Missing persons, bad debtors, long lost family members

We operate a ‘No Find, No Fee’ policy.

If you are looking for someone and do not know where to start, we have access to numerous databases combined with our investigative skills we can offer unparalleled rates of success,

Tracing can be used for a variety of reasons such as missing persons, bad debtors and locating ex partners.

Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Keep an eye on your staff in and out of the workplace

Do you want to see what your employees are really up to?

We supply undercover operatives to join your workplace as an ‘employee’ to really get behind the scenes. We will document whatever the client needs and present the findings by way of detailed reports.

We also follow employees when they are out of their normal place of work. Are they moonlighting or behaving in a detrimental manner that could affect the client’s business? They could be using illicit drugs, drink driving or are they involved in industrial espionage, passing company secrets and tactics to a rival.

We are here to provide you results.

Background Checks

Background Checks

Knowing every detail about your target can be a great benefit

We carry out discreet and comprehensive background checks on any individual with a suspected hidden past or criminal background with the subject of the check being none the wiser.

Our services are used for concerned partners, parents, employers and business partners to build an intelligence picture.

So, what can they show?

Full names, date of birth, Marriages, Divorces, NI number, Passport and driving licence details. Any criminal history the subject may have. A full credit search showing any black marks such as CCJ’s. Current business interests and property ownership.

Not sure about someone? Contact us!

Process Serving

Process Serving

The service of legal documents on behalf of solicitors and the courts

Process serving is the service of legal documents to a defendant or individual involved in a court case.

We provide a fixed fee for the service of documents throughout North Wales and the North West. We serve orders issued in the civil or family courts and if required, can collect documents for service from any office or any UK court or alternatively, directly from your client.


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